About us

Pure Oz stands as guardian to the time honoured tradition of the Australian
sheepskin boot. With an unerring commitment to fine quality and a heritage
of craftsmanship, they have grown to be synonymous with unquestionable
integrity and elegantly wearable sheepskin fashion.
From a city rich in street art and a cosmopolitan sophistication, Pure Oz
continues to be inspired by the timeless fashion and boutique style inherent
in Australia’s cultural and design epicentre. Rich textures and practiced
craftsmanship reflect the effortlessly relaxed sensibilities of Melbourne
and its intricate cultural fabric

Fashion is the ultimate historical and cultural encyclopaedia. With it, we
can trace the freedom of a society to follow its own heart. The freedom to
express, to create, to renew ideas and ideals through the way it clothes itself.
Every time we stitch, colour, or treat materials for fashion we both reflect and
influence our own culture. As the world gets smaller, it gets to know itself
- techniques and styles are shared, and true global fashion evolves.
The tanning of hides is one of the oldest trades in the world. Time honoured and
natural, sheepskin has protected us through thousands of years, and allowed us
the freedom to pursue our insatiable wanderlust and explore the world.
Merino sheepskin footwear is one of Australia’s many treasures.
The materials Pure Oz uses are beautiful - the finest of the land they come from.
Unique to the shores of the southernmost continent, Australian Merino wool is
thick, warm and durable. The fibres are strong and malleable, swathing your
bare skin in a soft, cushioning comfort.
By means of their own private tannery, Pure Oz can take full advantage of the
purity of these materials by curating the entire process, from sheepskin to boot.
It is the high quality of this material that gives Pure Oz its signature lush texture
and ensures its status as true luxury fashion.
For three decades, Pure Oz has pioneered the art of the sheepskin boot.
With custom engineered tools and treatments, they have honed, finessed
and set the standard for these iconic Australian fashion pieces.
An unwavering commitment to quality has led Pure Oz in their development
of customised processes, to optimise the quality raw materials they use.
This uncompromising workmanship is invested with a heritage of artisan
innovation, and naturally brings with it a true sartorial luxury. The voluminous fibres and lustrous finish of the natural materials glow with trims, highlights and a spectrum of colours.