About Us

 Pure Oz stands as guardian to the time honoured tradition of the Australian sheepskin boot. Founded by the new generation of a 40 year old family business. The commitment to Australian made tanning of the sheepskin material and handcrafting each product locally is passed on with love to each customer.  With an unerring commitment to fine quality and a heritage of craftsmanship, they have grown to be synonymous with unquestionable integrity and elegantly wearable sheepskin fashion. 

From a city rich in street art and a cosmopolitan sophistication, Pure Oz continues to be inspired by the timeless fashion and boutique style inherent in Australia’s cultural and design epicentre. Rich textures and practiced craftsmanship reflect the effortlessly relaxed sensibilities of Melbourne and its intricate cultural fabric.

Each pair of boots we make tells the story of traditional Australian craftsmanship.

Pure quality. Pure craft. Pure Oz.




Merino sheepskin footwear is one of Australia’s many treasures. The materials Pure Oz uses are beautiful - the finest of the land they come from.

Unique to the shores of the southernmost continent, Australian Merino wool is thick, warm and durable. The fibres are strong and malleable, swathing your bare skin in a soft, cushioning comfort.

Our sheepskin is treated to two days at the spa. Bathed twice, buffed and combed, we take care of each and every pelt to ensure it resurfaces as a sturdy, smooth suede on one side and a bed of pillowy wool on the other.

This uncompromising workmanship is invested with a heritage of artisan innovation, and naturally brings with it a true sartorial luxury. 



The tanning of hides is one of the oldest trades in the world. Time honoured and natural, sheepskin has protected us through thousands of years, and allowed us the freedom to pursue our insatiable wanderlust and explore the world.




Sheepskin acts as a natural thermostat to keep you cool in warm weather, and warm in the cold. Unlike synthetic materials, the natural fibres in sheepskin allow your body to breathe and wick away moisture.



The voluminous fibres and lustrous finish of the natural materials glow with trims, highlights and a spectrum of colours.

We pride ourselves in working with suppliers who are just as passionate as we are. Our trimmings are sourced from artisans of their field from across the world.




Every single one of our products is made by hand in the last remaining tannery in Australia. By producing locally, we are providing jobs to Australian makers and keeping our trade alive in the country it originated.

Our staff are our family, and we treat each and every one of them with respect. Our employees stay with us, on average, 15 years and are paid above Australian award wages.

We’ve worked hard to minimise the impact our brand has on the Australian landscape. Our offcuts are recycled into other industries; often used as stuffing for ottomans, chairs, and toys and as shoe buffers.

We’ve brought the traditional practice of tanning into the 21st century. Our tannery is run on eco-friendly chemicals to minimise our environmental footprint.



In Australia, an ugg boot is a generic term, used to describe a boot made from sheepskin. Our earliest research indicates Australian fighter pilots wore the boots in WW2. They were fashionable and popular amongst the hippy community in the 1960's and continue to be a tradition of everyday Australian life.